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There has been a number of poisoning incidents in both Australia and New Zealand following consumption of raw apricot kernels that contained high levels of hydrocyanic acid (HCN).

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Living seeds retain their full spectrum of nutrients, including those yet discovered.

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Apricot seeds have been popular in the US since at least the 1970s, when laetrile was popularized as a cancer treatment. (Hollywood star Steve McQueen famously traveled to Mexico in 1980 to cure.

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Nutty flavored with a hint of amaretto, they are a close relative of the almond.The Apricot Power raw apricot kernels can be eaten as a healthy snack, added to dishes, mixed with yoghurt or honey.

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As with most spices, the flavor may not be pleasant when eaten alone or in larger quantities.

Apricot kernel signifies the seed of the fruit of Prunus armeniaca, commonly referred to as apricot tree.

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Raw Apricot Seeds Raw Apricot Seed has the highest concentrated levels of B17 As it is mentioned in other parts of our site Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, a biochemist, discovered Vitamin B17 at the beginning of 1950 and he named its pure and concentrated form Laetrile.The apricot is a type of edible fruit that comes from the apricot tree.

The apricot tree (Prunus armeniaca L.) originated on the border of Russia and China and has been cultivated in China for at least 3,000 years, according to the University of Georgia.Some proponents of alternative medicine tout bitter apricot kernels as a cancer cure or preventative, but research has not supported those claims.Apricot seeds - no, but I just received a whole email regarding taking asparagus and pureeing it and then eating 4 tsp in the morning and 4 at night.

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Prunus amygdalus) is a species of tree native to Mediterranean climate regions of the Middle East and Southern Asia, from Syria and Turkey to Pakistan, although it has been introduced elsewhere.Apricot seeds are not a significant source of most vitamins or minerals, but there are 4 milligrams of vitamin E per 100 gram serving of apricot kernel oil.My husband was out with his friends at a diner and his one buddy gave him a bag of raw apricot seeds and said that his friend took them and they reduced his tumor to the point that the doctors could do surgery.The health claim for preventing cancer involves eating about seven apricot kernels per day, as explained by CureZone.

Some people get nauseous if they take too many tablets at one time.

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A serving of apricot seeds has 7 grams of carbohydrates with 2 grams in the form of sugars and 5 grams of dietary fiber.

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The posts created within this blog are my opinions or those of other proponents of apricot kernels and their use therapeutically.Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels(1LB) 16oz, Natural Raw USDA Organic Bitter Apricot Seeds, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Great source of Vitamin B17 and B15.

Apricot kernels are the seeds obtained from the pits of Apricot fruits.Quality assured. sourced Selectively for the finest from our planet.The Shipping Weight includes the product, protective packaging material and the actual shipping box.GOLD Premium members can contact unlimited buyers and SILVER Premium members can contact 50 buyers per week and get access to complete contact details while sending inquiry to buyers.

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