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Mattel also introduced mini Cabbage Patch Kids with beanie-type boides.Chelsea from GYCT Designs shares some free patterns for making cloths for a Cabbage Patch doll.

I have a Cabbage Patch doll from 1984, still in its

Artist Martha Nelson Thomas sued Xavier Roberts, manufacturer of the Cabbage Patch Kids, after he allegedly copied her doll babies, above.

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Cabbage Patch Kids, who turn 30 this year. (The pic above is from a Manchester, England, toy store in 1983.The Cabbage Patch Kids doll-craze was an unprecedented phenomenon among children and their parents that swept America during the 1980s, reflecting, perhaps, the cultural leanings of an era intent on expressing family values.

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The Cabbage Patch dolls were one of the biggest hit of toys for children in 1980.

Even with the help of veteran toy maker, Coleco, who partnered with Roberts in 1982 to boost production, it quickly became clear that demands were far outweighing the supply.

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For most, standard, Cabbage Patch dolls in good condition you may make roughly what you paid for the doll.

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But it would be an appearance on the popular reality show, Real People, in 1980 that would cause the dolls popularity to truly gain momentum.

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In the early 1980s, the toy industry gave birth to a new doll: the Cabbage Patch Kid.The phenomenon began in 1983, when designer Xavier Roberts introduced the world to Cabbage Patch Kids.The dolls come complete with a birth certificate that includes an original name and birth date, and each child feels he or she has received a special friend.

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I cant figure out how to post pics to you of the 2 cabbage patch kids dolls I have.